Gaeng Ra-Kam


Chao Koh Coconut Cream 2 cups
Chilli Paste 1 recipe
Sliced sidecut of pork 1 cup
Peeled ra-kam 15-20 fruits
Cherry tomato ½ cup
Kaffir lime leave, broken into several piece 4 leaves
Palm sugar and fish sauce to taste

Chill Paste

Dried red chillies, seeded and soaked the squeeze dry 11 fruits
Salt ½ teaspoon
Shredded galangal ½ teaspoon
Thin slices of lemon grass 1 tablespoon
Pepper corn ½ teaspoon
Coriander root (thinly sliced) 1 teaspoon
Shredded kaffir lime rind 1 teaspoon
Ginger root 2 slices
Chopped garlic 1 teaspoon
Chopped shallot 2 tablespoons
Shrimp paste ½ teaspoon


Pound all ingredients of Chilli Paste together into a fine texture

1. Bring ½ cup of Coconut Cream to a boil in pot, mix in the Chilli Paste and stir-fry about 5 minutes (or until the appetizing aroma is brought about).
2. Add pork slices and continue stirring until the meat is done. To prevent burning, add small smount of Coconut Cream several times.
3. Add the remaining coconut cream, bring to a boil then put in ra-kam, tomatoes and kaffir lime leaves.
4. Season to taste with palm sugar and fish sauce, then remove from heat.

It is best served with steamy hot rice

Chef’s Suggestions

·        Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste can be used to replace the Chilli Paste. Simply add pounded peppercorn, coriander root, kaffir lime rind and ginger while stir-frying the paste.
·        If preferred, fat from the pork to the curry.
·        Most suitable relishes are fried salted beef and pork.