“Chao Koh” World's first instant coconut milk. With internationally accepted quality and standards to restore the freshness, the rich, creamy texture, and the fragrant for more than half of a century. From Thai kitchen essentials to “the Charm of Thai gastronomy, the Heart of Tastiness for every household.”

The legend of Chaokoh
History of Chaokoh

From fresh coconuts to instant coconut milk. Since the beginning of Chao Koh's coconut milk 50 years ago, through innovative technology in the expansion of Thai cuisine inherited the rich, creamy, fragrant coconut milk to global communities until today.

Take care for Farmer

Attentive Care to “The Farmers”

High-quality coconut milk starts from high-quality ingredients. Coconut tree farmers are the core that enables “Chao Koh” to deliver our products to the global market. Promoting domestic farming and practical agricultural technology to take care of our upstream is one of the responsibilities “Chao Koh” has been carrying in mind for a long time.

“The heart of every household”
“Rich Thick Creamy Fragrant Coconut Milk”

Bottled Coconut Milk

“Chao Koh” bottled fresh coconut milk; is familiar and enjoyed by all households. Chao Koh, a coconut milk product produced from finely selected brown coconuts through modern, clean, and hygienic manufacturing process technology.

UHT Coconut milk

“Chao Koh” coconut milk, a UHT coconut milk product in aseptic packaging. Chao Koh is produced from finely selected brown coconuts through modern, clean, and hygienic manufacturing process technology to restore freshness and flavor as if your coconut milk is always freshly pressed. Chao Koh can be kept for up to one year without a need for refrigerating. In addition, Cho Koh is available in various sizes; suitable for all occasions.

UHT Candle Scented Coconut Milk

Chao Koh UHT Candle Scented Coconut Milk brings authentic Thai aromatic essence with a rich and sweet flavor to you. With a manufacturing process that only selects premium ingredients and floral aroma from the history of tastiness, packed in UHT carton, convenient for any Thai dessert recipes with coconut milk, for instance, sweet water chestnuts in coconut milk (Tubtim Krob), Lod Chong in coconut milk, and dumplings in coconut cream (Bua Loy). Allows you to create the luscious Thai desserts just easily as opening the carton. In only a short period, you will have your long-preserved-legendary-like candle-scented Thai desserts ready with a gorgeous and mouthwatering display presenting the proud charm of Thai cuisine.

Concentrated Coconut Milk
“Rich Thick Creamy Fragrant Coconut Milk”
Product from elaborately selected coconuts with the best quality through modern, clean, hygienic manufacturing technology.

Chaokoh Recipes

The “Charm” of Thai cuisine. 100% pure coconut milk

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