CHAOKOH – The Legend of Dream, Commitment and Success.

Theppadungporn Family has always committed to a strong business ethics and stayed loyal to their customers. And because the inspiration of Mr. Kriengsak Theppadungporn, the 4th son in a family of 5, who bonded with coconut selling since childhood, that led to intention to establish the first coconut milk factory under the support of BOI (The Board of Investment of Thailand) in the year 1976. Their factory aims to process the coconuts to produce a variety of food products to sell and distribute in Thailand and international market. Mr. Kriengsak Theppadungporn firmly believes that instant coconut milk is a necessary product and will be needed in global market.

Because paying attention to his dreams, eventually Mr. Kriengsak Theppadungporn could build a brand “CHAOKOH” – a long time popular instant coconut milk. Moreover, in the year 1988, he set up a new Theppadungporn family’s business under the name “Ampol Food Processing Ltd.”. With the aim to make it a world-class food processing company from Thailand, Ampol Food Processing Ltd. has intended to produce high quality food products only from Thai quality raw materials such as coconut, rice, and herbs. As the first manufacturer of UHT food and beverages products, now Ampol Food Processing Ltd., becomes Thailand’s food and beverage innovation leader with modern and emerging management and technology system. Furthermore, we are committed to environmental protection and social responsibility. We also have the strong intention to keep the legendary Thai cuisine alive for Thai people and consumers around the world.